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Every now and then we receive questions regarding products purchased with "Broyeurfabriek Nederland B.V."  In light of the bankruptcy of the legal predecessor, Broyeurfabriek Nederland B.V., we, Broyeurfabriek B.V., are not responsible for warranties on products purchased before october 2019. These are two entirely different companies / legal persons which merely share a similar name.

None of the employees of the previous, defaulted Broyeurfabriek Nederland B.V. are still working for our Broyeurfabriek B.V. and additionally some products which Broyeurfabriek Nederland B.V. carried have been removed from our inventory since they do not meet the quality standards we uphold.

We do however gladly exchange ideas with you in the sense that we would love to check if we can repair similar products for you.


Two year warranty on all products  (also applicable to showroom models)


Under normal circumstances, new products have a 2-year warranty under an EU Directive. Under Dutch law, this Directive has been implemented not with a specific term, but as "the right to a properly functioning product".

Depending on the purchased product, you will receive at least 2 years warranty on our newly delivered products. The products we deliver should, under normal circumstances and with proper use, not break down the first 2 years.

Both as an extra service on our part as well as due to the fact that we stand by our products, we have currently extended our warranty term to 2 years for showroom models and thus there is no "fine print" applicable.

It is not allowed to tinker with the electronics of products or make changes to the device during the warranty period.




Should you still encounter a defect or malfunction, we can first try to repair the product for you, and if that fails, replace it.

We then ask you to send the product to us or to come and bring it to us, in consultation with us. We will do this for you free of charge. If you have a product that was purchased before October 2019, we can also check and possibly repair it on location. We will then discuss the costs with you before repairing and/or replacing the product.

Repairs will be done at our location in Geldrop. We do not have a service department that can carry out repairs at your home.

Would you like to have your product repaired? Then we kindly ask you to clean the product before sending or bringing it to us. In addition, we would like to ask you to add your details and indicate what is defective. You can do this by using the warranty/repair form that you can save and fill out at the bottom of this website.

Click this link to download the warranty/repair-form (PDF-format).




Replacement products are shipped via PostNL or our external carrier. When the purchased product is defective due to user error, we can see if we can repair the product. We will map out what is needed for this and whether it is cost effective to repair it or whether it is better to repurchase/replace the product/component. For this we will contact you in advance so that you can make this decision yourself and not be faced with any surprises.

It is very difficult for us to determine over the phone what is possibly wrong with your product. If possible, we would like to ask you to send us an email with any technical questions and / or comments and possibly photo and order / product number to:




Please always state your order number.

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