Broyeur toilet FLO WC17 Wall

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Broyeur Wall Toilet FLO WC17 WAND - Sanitary Wall Toilet with integrated grinder - Newest Model 2021: copper water lock and remote control.

The FLO WC17 WAND broyeur toilet is a sanitary wall mounted toilet with integrated grinder. This version owes its name to its modern look and practical application as a hanging toilet. This wall mounted toilet is equipped with a sani turbine motor dual flush push button which means that the toilet is economical in consumption and has both a 2L flush function and a 4L flush function. It is a compact toilet which is adjustable in height, the dimensions are the same as an average toilet 52 x 37 x 43 cm, which ensures a comfortable feeling. The wall mounted toilet is connected to a 32mm drain so the disposal of feces and 2-ply toilet paper is guaranteed.


Advantages of a broyeur wall toilet:

  •  A broyeur wall-mounted toilet is very low maintenance;
  •  Easy and quick to install;
  •  Dual flush for the big and small messages;
  •  Has a removable soft-close toilet seat;
  •  Stainless steel macerator blades;
  •  Can be placed on any wall;
  •  Suspension system which is adjustable in height.

Technical specifications:

Dimensions (L x B x H)52 x 37 x 43 cm


Height adjustable
Frame size50 x 40 x 7 cm
Power600 watt motor
Input voltage220 - 240 V
Drain diameter32 or 40 mm
Horizontal drain lengthMax. 80 meter
Vertical drain lengthMax 5 meter
User manualIncluded

Product information:

Color toiletWhite
Color frameBlack
Flush functionalityDual flush (2L -en 4L)
ModelHanging toilet
Toilet seatDetachable
Operational infoPowerful and discrete


Tip: Please check the ring clamps before your first use of the toilet.



Broyeur toilet FLO WC17 Wand

Specification Description
Weight 37 Kg

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