Move-Wasser 1 washing machine top-loader

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Move-Wasser 1 eco top loading washing machine


The Move-Wasser is a fully automatic washing machine designed and developed for quick small washes, pre-wash, main wash, rinse, spin. With its solid and compact finishes, this top loading washing machine can be placed almost anywhere and also a washing machine with a very energy efficient and quiet operation.

The washing machine is easy to connect to a water supply, to which you set the washing program for your laundry. The operation of this washing machine is very simple; select your type of wash program, put the laundry in the drum and start the wash. Also, the move washer gives you the opportunity whether or not to spin after the program.

While the washer provides you with clean laundry at a rapid pace, you can go about your daily activities undisturbed.


  • Holds 3.5 kg of laundry
  • Top loading
  • Washing up to 55 C
  • Adjustable water height
  • Possibility of soaking, rinsing, washing, centrifuging
  • LED display
  • Centrifuge speed: 750 rpm
  • 3 adjustable water levels
  • Dimensions packaging 485x485x800 mm
  • As an extra you can add hot water of max. 60 C° by placing a 'Gardena' plug on your faucet.

Ideal for dorms, small houses, caravans, camper vans, vacation homes, you name it.

You have two years full warranty on the move-washer!

Tip: When using the washer, we recommend that you check the filter every 3 months to see if it contains any dirt and then clean it so that the filter can do its job optimally.




Specification Description
Length 42,9 cm
Width 48,5 cm
Height 80 cm
Weight 17 Kg
Power 240 W

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